Is the Clubhouse hype real?

3 min readFeb 22, 2021

Not so long ago, an app where you could have conversations through voice chat became the talk of the town. Exclusive only to iPhone users though, this app only allows a certain crowd to join in, despite being the most trending Social Media application nowadays. What is Clubhouse? What is trending in Clubhouse? How do you get in? Fear not. We will answer all these questions today through this blog.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an iPhone-based application that allows users to join, and host audio conversations with others. It was founded in March 2020 by the two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. Even though the app was built in the early 2020, it became a roaring trend only in the late 2020, and the trend continues even further in 2021. Despite its exclusivity, the app already has millions of users, many of them major players in Silicon Valley and the entertainment industry.

Clubhouse is built around conversation “Rooms” where people can always chat with audio, all they must do is raise their hand. They can leave the conversation at any time; however, they won’t be able to hear the conversation later or enter the conversation again. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The app is still at its early stage, where most of the discussions are about entrepreneurship, technology, and investments, as most of the occupants are from Silicon Valley. All in all, it is quite like a live, unfiltered podcast.

How do you join?

Right now, Clubhouse only works on an invitation-only process. You can log into Clubhouse and reserve a Username for you and wait till you get an invitation text. You can be invited by someone who already has a Clubhouse account, until then, you will sadly have to wait in the waiting list. Sigh.

How did Clubhouse become so popular?

On February, Clubhouse’s interest hit sky high as Elon Musk joined the trending app. And now, everyone is trying to invest in scaling Clubhouse, even though it is not even open to the General Public yet.

Investors are already putting their money on Agora, which is said to power up the app’s livestreaming audio features, and the shares of Agora have surged in more than 45% and hit the highest value it has ever reached, a whopping $81.48 per share. Clubhouse Media, which isn’t connected to the social media app but has a similar name soared more than 116% to a high of $17.99 per share. However, no one in Agora OR Clubhouse has confirmed whether the app uses Agora’s features or not.

Clubhouse, previously valued at $2 million showed a surge in growth as soon as Elon Musk joined, reporting to have the value of $1 billion or more now. Musk’s arrival could likely be behind Monday’s stock surge in what some believe to be associated companies, considering Musk has a strong history of mentioning a publicly traded company and sending shares up. In the past week, Musk’s nods to Etsy, CD Projekt, GameStop and even the cryptocurrency bitcoin have pushed prices higher.

While we certainly do not recommend investing in Agora or Clubhouse Media without further confirmation, we might have a few tips for whoever is interested in investing on this booming Social Media app. Stay tuned for our next blog where we discuss the matters of should you invest? Why should/ shouldn’t you invest and how do you invest on Clubhouse.




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